MM&A Business Advisors

About us
MM&A is a global organization of independent firms that operates across 30 cities in 25 countries with more than 400 professionals, including Lawyers, Accountants, Economists, Commercial Engineers and Notaries.
Our Mission

MM&A is an international business consultancy organization that provides valuable solutions tailored to our customer’s needs including legal, administrative, accounting and commercial services at a boutique-style level, aiming at family firms and multinationals in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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We offer a full range of services for individuals and companies
Our Services

In order to maximize ease in settling and in the development of foreign companies, we provide legal services, tax and financial reporting, complying with local regulations and international information needs.

Cultural transition

We also serve as an official link between countries; stimulating trade, seeking buyers or products for our customers. Through our business model we aim to provide a personalized and dedicated service, ensuring to meet the customers’ needs accordingly. We focus on the cultural transition from one reality to another and emphasize on respecting these cultures & customs, minimizing the disadvantages of diversity and taking advantage of its benefits.

Global Reach

We have offices and correspondents strategically located throughout the world and we are part of Joint Ventures, Alliances and global networks of professionals to support and multiply our customers’ business.

Strategic Expansion

Recently we began operating our office in Shanghai, China thus giving our Asian customers total support in their in Latin American endeavors and investments. We are in the process of opening operations in London, and our short term plans also include strengthening our presence in Latin America, United States and grow in Southeast Asia and Turkey.